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QRILL Pet is a superior source of omega-3s in pet food formulation. However there is more to it. Our blog is here to educate you on all benefits of krill for pets and keeps you posted on the latest research.

Is a dog part of your health plan?

The history of dogs as pets stretches back at least 27,000 years, when dogs were first domesticated from grey wolves. Initially, the tamest wolves might have approached human settlements in search of food. Our pre-historic ancestors soon realized the usefulness of dogs for hunting and warding off predators.

What type of omega-3 ingredients are out there for pet food?

By Aysen Korucu - Marketing Manager, November 15, 2017

You know about the importance of omega-3s for pets and want to include an omega-3 ingredient in your pet food formula. Choosing the right source can make a big difference in a pet’s life.

How to make healthy food choices for pets

By Knut Heggen - Head of Sales, November 10, 2017

Good nutrition is important for pets as they need a balanced and nutritious diet to stay happy and healthy. However, making healthy choices is not always easy and there are many different ingredients to choose from.

Here are a few things you need to think about when choosing ingredients for pet food!


How to introduce your dog to a new food choice?

By Aysen Korucu - Marketing Manager, October 19, 2017

You have just read about this brand new, healthy dog food formula on the market. Your first instinct is to try it with your dog. However, knowing your dog’s eating habits, you hesitate.

How to choose the right marine omega-3 ingredient for pet food

Most people that develop pet food know about the importance of omega-3s. We have all heard about the benefits these essential fatty acids have on vital organs, fur and skin of our pets. However, when it comes to choosing the right source, it can be difficult to know which is best.

Antarctic krill for pet food? 5 Benefits of this unique ingredient

By Aysen Korucu - Marketing Manager, October 06, 2017

Creating a new recipe for a pet food formula can be a challenging task. Especially, if you want to develop a product that will stand out in a competitive market, but sometimes it feels like there are just too many ingredients to choose from.

Which nutrients are essential for pet foods

By Knut Heggen - Head of Sales, September 28, 2017

We all want to offer our pets a well-balanced diet, that provides them with all essential nutrients that are vital for their health, development and overall well-being. All nutrients play an important role, as they balance each other and can only provide the right effect if they work in synergy. We could, for example, compare this to a mechanical watch, where even the smallest defect on one of the wheels could affect the overall functionality of the watch.

10 Reasons why dogs need omega-3s

By Aysen Korucu - Marketing Manager, September 13, 2017

Omega-3s is one of the most researched nutrients on earth and probably one of the best know as well, however, how much do we know as pet owners about the needs of omega-3s for our dogs? Just like their pet parents, dogs’ bodies are unable to make omega-3s and they need a source that provides them with these essential fatty acids.

Choosing the right omega-3 source for pet food formulations

Pet parents are very much aware of the benefits omega-3s have for their pets and are therefore more conscious about the choices they are making when choosing the right food. This puts pet food brands in a unqiue spot, where they constantly have to be in the look out for the best and most effective ingredients. 

The qrill pet product

For pets

A functional ingredient for pet food. Offers great benefits for pets, including healthy organs, joints and fur. Provides a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, marine proteins and the powerful antidoxidant astaxanthin.