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QRILL Pet is a superior source of omega-3s in pet food formulation. However there is more to it. Our blog is here to educate you on all benefits of krill for pets and keeps you posted on the latest research.

10 Reasons why dogs need omega-3s

By Aysen Korucu, September 13, 2017

Omega-3s is one of the most researched nutrients on earth and probably one of the best know as well, however, how much do we know as pet owners about the needs of omega-3s for our dogs? Just like their pet parents, dogs’ bodies are unable to make omega-3s and they need a source that provides them with these essential fatty acids.

Choosing the right omega-3 source for pet food formulations

By Aysen Korucu, July 03, 2017

Pet parents are very much aware of the benefits omega-3s have for their pets and are therefore more conscious about the choices they are making when choosing the right food. This puts pet food brands in a unqiue spot, where they constantly have to be in the look out for the best and most effective ingredients. 

The qrill pet product

For pets

A functional ingredient for pet food. Offers great benefits for pets, including healthy organs, joints and fur. Provides a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, marine proteins and the powerful antidoxidant astaxanthin.