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2020 Autumn Webinar Series

Webinar: September 11th

New Partner Portal - KRILL CONNECT

Discover KRILL CONNECT - our NEW Partner Portal, and check out what this great new tool has to offer.

Webinar: September 23rd

Successful Formulation With QRILL Pet

A webinar on how to add QRILL Pet to your existing petfood. Find out all the tips and tricks for a successful formulation.

Webinar: October 7th

Not All Omega-3s Are The Same

Get a deep scientific understanding of the differences between phospholipid and triglyceride-bound omega-3s! We also explain how QRILL Pet provides essential nutrients for dogs & cats and how this links to our QRILL Pet studies.

Webinar: October 21st

QRILL PAWS - Join Our Powerful Marketing Platform!

Matts Johansen, CEO Aker BioMarine, together with Thomas Wærner, 2020 QRILL PAWS Winner, and Nils Marius Otterstad, QRILL PAWS Project Manager, talk about what's next for QRILL PAWS and why you should join us on this adventure. 

Webinar recording

The X-Factor Of Winning Iditarod

Watch professional dog musher Thomas Wærner and Tonje Dominquez, Director QRILL Specialty Animal Nutrition Products, Aker BioMarine share their experience and knowledge around QRILL Pet and the efficacy of this powerful ingredient.