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A powerful ingredient for the world's toughest dog athletes

How can every dog benefit from it?

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QRILL Pet Mushing Team member, Thomas Wærner and his dog team won the legendary Iditarod race 2020!

After competing for over 9 days with 57 professional dog teams and the unpredictable nature of Alaska, the orange team was the first to cross the finish line in Nome. 


Thomas Wærner (47) and his 10 dogs crossed the finish line in Nome, Alaska on Wednesday morning, far ahead of their competition. Thomas and his dogs are the first mushing team to ever win the Femund Race and Finnmark Race (two of the toughest dog sled races in Norway) in the same year and become the Iditarod Champion the following season. He is also the first overall winner of the QRILL Pet Arctic World Series, a concept that has followed some of the greatest long distance dog mushing races around the world. This makes him and his dogs truly unique in the sport of long distance dog mushing and not the least, one of the world's best long distance dog sled team. 

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The secret behind team Thomas Wærner's success

Thomas understands that the true heroes in this sport are his dogs. He puts great effort into training, care and health of his dog team, with a strong understanding of their needs and a unique relationship that cannot be described in words. Part of the care is also making sure the dogs get the best and right nutrition. His achievements show that his continuous efforts towards the four-legged athletes pay off in the end.

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Health benefits for top athletes

The QRILL Pet Mushing Team is powered by our functional marine ingredient, QRILL Pet that has shown beneficial effects on these top athletic dogs. The Iditarod race is a thousand mile extreme endurance race known to be tough on the whole body, for both dogs and humans. In an earlier study at the Iditarod race, we have seen that QRILL Pet had a significant impact on the omega-3 levels in race dogs, both at the beginning and the end of the race. The study also found that there was less muscle damage and 55% less inflammation in dogs on a krill diet.

We have seen similar results in other studies, which have shown that an inclusion of krill in dogs' diets can help them to effectively increase and maintain a strong level of omega-3s in their cell membranes. Dogs are not able to develop essential omega-3 fatty acids in their bodies naturally and have to obtain them through their diet. Several studies have shown that omega-3s have positive effects on vital organs such as the heart, liver, kidney, brain, eyes, joints, muscles, skin and coat. 

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Powerful nutrition for every dog

In 2018, QRILL Pet has decided to try out a brand new concept and partner with some of the best dog mushers in the world, including Iditarod champions Dallas Seavey, Joar Leifseth Ulsom and Thomas Wærner, along with top Norwegian mushers Hanna Lyrek and Marit Beate Kasin. Together we formed the world's first professional long distance dog sled team.

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Our aim is not only to bring more awareness to the unique sport of dog mushing, but also further investigate and study the effects of our functional ingredient QRILL Pet on some of the world's top dog athletes. Working with active, healthy and happy dogs gives us a unique opportunity to further research how krill can benefit the health of every dog. Every top athlete deserves the best nutrition and so does every family dog. 

Highlights from the Iditarod 2020 - Team Thomas Wærner


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