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How to celebrate National Dog Day with a healthy diet

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“Every dog has its day” is a phrase that we all should live by. Everyone needs a special moment or a time in their life when they have a chance to do something exceptional.

Dogs are no different. And while it’s assumed that every day will be special for our dogs, there is one day in particular that is dedicated to recognizing just how important they really are.

August 26th is National Dog Day, a day founded by a well-known author and animal behaviorist back in 2004. National Dog Day was started as an observational holiday to show appreciation for dogs, but more importantly to bring attention to dog-related issues while highlighting the importance of keeping them safe and healthy. Some people use this day to spend more time with their dogs while others buy them new toys and treats.

National Dog Day is also a great time to take notice of your dog’s overall health and wellness, ensuring that they are getting the proper nutrition they need.  Like humans, dogs can develop allergies, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, joint issues and much more. Pets need a well-balanced diet that provides them with all of the essential nutrients vital for their health, and omega-3s are key.

Why we need to care about the omega-3 intake of our pets


Omega-3s are essential when it comes to pet health and this is why:

  1. Many pet diets are rich in omega-6 which often leads to many health issues, dry and itchy fur and skin is one issue in particular. Omega-3s help balance omega-6s in the diet.
  2. Omega-3s have demonstrated great health benefits for pets, including healthy organs, joints, skin and coats.
  3. Krill oil is a superior source of omega-3s as it is rich in phospholipids, marine proteins and the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin, plus it’s natural and sustainable.

Health benefits of krill omega-3s 


By feeding your pet a diet rich in omega-3s, you can help make their lives more enjoyable and active. Celebrate National Dog Day every day by putting health and nutrition first.


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