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QRILL Pet: one ingredient, many benefits

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One of the challenges that many premium pet food brands face is to find an ingredient that will make their product stand out.


Krill is a relative newcomer to the market and serves as a unique functional ingredient. However, what make this ingredient so unique? We have prepared a 60-second video for you, so you can learn about the key benefits in a fun and engaging way. 


A nutrient rich diet is important for all pets. One of those important and in fact most researched nutrients are omega-3 fatty acids. They have great health benefits for pets, including healthy organs, skin, and fur.

Just like their pet parents, pets’ bodies are unable to make omega-3s and they need a source that provides them with these essential fatty acids. However not all omega-3s are the same.  What makes the omega-3s in QRILL Pet special? Well, they are in the form of phospholipids.

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QRILL Pet is also a natural functional ingredient, made only of whole dried krill - pure nutrition for healthy pets. With our high-quality ingredient derived from Antarctic krill, we aim to enhance pet foods and keep pets strong and healthy.


QRILL Pet is rich in:

  • Superior phospholipid omega-3s: the phospholipid-bound omega-3s are easily incorporated into cells and makes QRILL Pet an efficient source of these fatty acids.
  • Marine proteins: QRILL Pet consists of 60% protein and these highly palatable marine proteins are the preferred choice of many dogs.
  • Natural choline: Choline is an important nutrient for pets, which impacts healthy brain development, muscle function, heart health, liver function as well as the nervous system.
  • Powerful astaxanthin: a strong and natural antioxidant. Astaxanthin helps to boost the pet’s immune system and helps to prevent damaging effects of free radicals.


A new publication from Aker BioMarine unveils that the choline levels of Alaskan Huskies increased by 52 percent after receiving krill dietary supplement for six weeks


Krill supports mindful choices

Making a positive impact in the world and making “mindful choices” is one of the biggest trends in recent years and we believe this trend will only grow and take new shapes in the years to come. Consumers wants healthy food choices, which at the same time gives them peace of mind in terms of environmental and ethical claims.

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Pet food brands need to be transparent about their source of ingredients. Krill meets this demand by being free from pollutants, sustainable and traceable.

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