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QRILL Pet is a superior source of omega-3s in pet food formulation. However there is more to it. Our blog is here to educate you on all benefits of krill for pets and keeps you posted on the latest research.

The scientific effects of QRILL Pet - a functional marine ingredient in pet food


QRILL Pet has many nutritional and health benefits for pets. Learn more about the scientifically documented effects in the next animation.

Webinar "The X-Factor of Winning Iditarod"


We are proud to introduce professional dog musher Thomas Wærner and Tonje Dominquez (Director QRILL Specialty Animal Nutrition Products, Aker BioMarine). Together they will share their experience and knowledge around QRILL Pet and the efficacy of this powerful ingredient.

Why QRILL Pet AstaOmega Oil is the perfect new supplement for pets


Pet owners are increasingly aware of the nutritional needs of their pets and are on the look out for natural, do it all, sustainable supplements. QRILL Pet AstaOmega Oil offers a natural combination of omega-3s and the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin, both derived from one unique source. Not only do pets get to enjoy the health benefits of these components, but pet owners can rest assured that their pets are benefiting from a sustainable and natural supplement.

A powerful ingredient for the world's toughest dog athletes - how can every dog benefit from it?


QRILL Pet Mushing Team member, Thomas Wærner and his dog team won the legendary Iditarod race 2020. After competing for over 9 days with 57 professional dog teams and the unpredictable nature of Alaska, the orange team was the first to cross the finish line in Nome. 

5 essential benefits of Antarctic krill for pet food


Premium and exclusive products are on the rise in the pet food industry, that is why it's now more important than ever to stand out.

A relatively new ingredient, Krill can really make a difference to your brand.

Did you know that krill naturally contains the nutrient choline?


With the pet industry continuously innovating, the search for new and innovative functional ingredients is on the rise. Therefore the role ingredient suppliers play in leading the research and development on their ingredients is important. 

QRILL Pet: one ingredient, many benefits


One of the challenges that many premium pet food brands face is to find an ingredient that will make their product stand out. Krill is a relative newcomer to the market and serves as a unique functional ingredient. 

Top 5 blog posts about krill for pets


Here are our top 5 blog posts about QRILL Pet. If you haven't heard about our product yet, you can read more here

Talk like a real dog musher

Trying to understand what is going on during a race can sometimes be confusing, especially when being new to the dog mushing world. We have put together a small list of useful terminology, in order for it to be easier to recognize and follow what is actually going on, the next time you are watching a sled-dog race. 

3 Reasons why you should meet us at Petfood Forum in Kansas

By QRILL Pet Team, April 11


In a couple of weeks the event Petfood Forum 2019  will open its doors again at the Kansas City Convention Center. This year, the show has extended their exhibition area and all booth-space is officially sold out. We are excited to meet you in Kansas and share our expertise about our unique ingredient QRILL Pet, that provides pet food products with a unique composition of phospholipid omega-3s, choline, marine proteins and natural astaxanthin. 

3 Reasons why you should meet us at Zoomark 2019

By QRILL Pet Team, April 10


In a couple of weeks the event, Zoomark 2019 will open its doors again at the Bologna Fiere exhibition center. This year, the show is celebrating its eighteenth anniversary and the halls will be filled with many local and international companies from the pet food industry. We are excited to meet you there and share our expertise about our unique ingredient QRILL Pet, that provides pets with a unique composition of phospholipid omega-3s, choline, marine proteins and natural astaxanthin. 

A great start to new adventures- QRILL Pet Mushing Team


Launched at the end of 2018, QRILL Pet Mushing Team set out on a mission to become the best long-distance dog sled team. This including the establishment of a better understanding of the sport, together with creating a unique foundation that will set new standards in the dog mushing universe. Lets look at what the team has achieved during the first racing season.

How dog mushing has evolved and the need-to-knows


Mushing is a sport and transportation method powered by dogs. It involves the use of one or more dogs to pull a sled on snow, or a cart on bare ground. Its history stretches far back, however, there have been drastic changes in execution, mentality and purpose since the early beginnings of mushing.

5 trends that will influence the pet food industry this year

It is no secret, the pet industry is booming and will continue to rise. At the same time the industry is changing rapidly and pet food brands need to keep up to fulfil more conscious consumer demands. They have every reason to be more mindful, as pets today are considered more and more as family members and pet owners want to purchase only the best for their beloved animal companions. We see how trends from the human industry are rapidly transferring over to the pet industry and we expect that this trend will be prominent in the years to come.

Proactive ingredients and pet food - The new wave in pet nutrition

The pet nutrition market is on the move and there is no question that pet owners are continually seeking out healthy foods with proactive ingredients for their pets. Many pet owners are starting to embrace the “what’s good for me is also good for my pet” mentality and that is good for companies in the pet nutrition space.

What makes QRILL Pet the right ingredient for premium pet food

Premium pet foods are formulated to meet or exceed your pets nutritional needs by using high quality ingredients. It is important for pet food formulation experts to choose the right ingredients in order to be able to offer premium quality food. Typically they contain fewer chemicals, are from a single source and meet sustainability requirements.

How to celebrate National Dog Day with a healthy diet


 “Every dog has its day” is a phrase that we all should live by. Everyone needs their special moment or a time in their life when they have a chance to do something exceptional.  Dogs are no different.  And while it’s assumed that every day will be special for our dogs, there is one day in particular that is dedicated to recognize just how important they really are. 

Omega-3s - a trendy ingredient for pet food

One of the biggest trends in the pet food industry of 2018 is that pet parents are increasingly looking for healthy foods with proactive ingredients. With this in mind, we foresee a rise in the interest of omega-3 as a ingredient in pet food, and with good reason.

5 top benefits of omega-3s for pets

Pet parents want to ensure that their furry family members are healthy, happy, and live long lives. Omega-3s play a very important role in pet food, as dogs and cats are unable to produce them naturally and rely on their diet to maintain healthy levels.

Consumers are willing to spend more money on pet food than food for themselves

Research shows that consumers are spending more money on their pet food than ever before to keep their dogs and cats healthy. In fact, pet spending in America has risen every year since 1994 and is estimated to have reached $69.51 billion spent in 2017 – meaning consumers spend more money on their pet food than food for themselves.

How QRILL Pet acts as a power ingredient for Iditarod Champions

By Katrin Berntsen, March 27

Fed on QRILL Pet, Norwegian Joar Leifseth Ulsom’s dog team wins ultra-endurance Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Why we need to care more about the omega-3 intake of pets

On our Superba Krill™ website, you may have read some of our blogs on the Omega-3 Index Test, a self-administered test, that indicates the omega-3 levels in your red blood cells with just a small brick in your finger. But how do those omega-3 levels translate to your furry family member? Did you know that omega-3 levels can be measured for pets as well?

As we approach the year of the dog, how can we make life better for our dogs?

Tonight, many around the world will celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. As we usher into the year of earth dog, many hope for better fortune and luck. Those born in the year of the earth dog are defined by characteristics such as honest, loyal and ready to lend a helping hand to others. Just as our beloved companion animals, those born in the year of the dog are known to be the true friends and most reliable partners. Isn’t this what the world needs at the moment? So as we approach the year of the dog, which will hopefully smoothen the energy of the world, how can we improve the life of our furry family members?

Why it’s important to choose a sustainable pet food ingredient

Pets play an important role in our mental health and physical health. With increasing pet populations all over the world, we need to make sure that the food they are eating is made in a sustainable way that leaves as little traces on the planet as possible.

The 4 powerful components of QRILL Pet

Preventive care instead of treatment is what pet owners want to achieve for their beloved family members. Therefore, the demand for new and innovative functional ingredients that provide health benefits is increasing in the pet food industry. QRILL Pet for example, is a great source of omega-3s in pet food and treat formulations, however there is more to the story of this unique marine ingredient.

Is a dog part of your health plan?

The history of dogs as pets stretches back at least 27,000 years, when dogs were first domesticated from grey wolves. Initially, the tamest wolves might have approached human settlements in search of food. Our pre-historic ancestors soon realized how useful dogs were for hunting and warding off predators.

Which nutrients are essential for pet foods

By Knut Heggen - Head of Sales, December 18

We all want to offer our pets a well-balanced diet, that provides them with all essential nutrients that are vital for their health, development and overall well-being. All nutrients play an important role, as they balance each other and can only provide the right effect if they work in synergy. We could, for example, compare this to a mechanical watch, where even the smallest defect on one of the wheels could affect the overall functionality of the watch.

What type of omega-3 ingredients are out there for pet food?

You know about the importance of omega-3s for pets and want to include an omega-3 ingredient in your pet food formula. Choosing the right source can make a big difference in a pet’s life.

How to make healthy food choices for pets

By Knut Heggen - Head of Sales, November 10

Good nutrition is important for pets as they need a balanced and nutritious diet to stay happy and healthy. However, making healthy choices is not always easy and there are many different ingredients to choose from.

Here are a few things you need to think about when choosing ingredients for pet food!


How to introduce your dog to a new food choice?

You have just read about this brand new, healthy dog food formula on the market. Your first instinct is to try it with your dog. However, knowing your dog’s eating habits, you hesitate.

How to choose the right marine omega-3 ingredient for pet food

Most people that develop pet food know about the importance of omega-3s. We have all heard about the benefits these essential fatty acids have on vital organs, fur and skin of our pets. However, when it comes to choosing the right source, it can be difficult to know which is best.

10 Reasons why dogs need omega-3s

Omega-3s is one of the most researched nutrients on earth and probably one of the best know as well, however, how much do we know as pet owners about the needs of omega-3s for our dogs? Just like their pet parents, dogs’ bodies are unable to make omega-3s and they need a source that provides them with these essential fatty acids.

Choosing the right omega-3 source for pet food formulations


Pet parents are very much aware of the benefits omega-3s have for their pets and are therefore more conscious about the choices they are making when choosing the right food. This puts pet food brands in a unique spot, where they constantly have to be on the lookout for the best and most effective ingredients.

The qrill pet product

For pets

A functional ingredient for pet food. Offers great benefits for pets, including healthy organs, joints and fur. Provides a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, marine proteins and the powerful antidoxidant astaxanthin.