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QRILL Pet is a superior source of omega-3s in pet food formulation. However there is more to it. Our blog is here to educate you on all benefits of krill for pets and keeps you posted on the latest research.

Aysen Korucu - Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager QRILL Pet and Superba Krill @Aker BioMarine. Animal lover and health enthusiasts.
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The scientific effects of QRILL Pet - a functional marine ingredient in pet food


QRILL Pet has many nutritional and health benefits for pets. Learn more about the scientifically documented effects in the next animation.

Why QRILL Pet AstaOmega Oil is the perfect new supplement for pets


Pet owners are increasingly aware of the nutritional needs of their pets and are on the look out for natural, do it all, sustainable supplements. QRILL Pet AstaOmega Oil offers a natural combination of omega-3s and the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin, both derived from one unique source. Not only do pets get to enjoy the health benefits of these components, but pet owners can rest assured that their pets are benefiting from a sustainable and natural supplement.

A powerful ingredient for the world's toughest dog athletes - how can every dog benefit from it?


QRILL Pet Mushing Team member, Thomas Wærner and his dog team won the legendary Iditarod race 2020. After competing for over 9 days with 57 professional dog teams and the unpredictable nature of Alaska, the orange team was the first to cross the finish line in Nome. 

5 essential benefits of Antarctic krill for pet food


Premium and exclusive products are on the rise in the pet food industry, that is why it's now more important than ever to stand out.

A relatively new ingredient, Krill can really make a difference to your brand.

Did you know that krill naturally contains the nutrient choline?


With the pet industry continuously innovating, the search for new and innovative functional ingredients is on the rise. Therefore the role ingredient suppliers play in leading the research and development on their ingredients is important. 

QRILL Pet: one ingredient, many benefits


One of the challenges that many premium pet food brands face is to find an ingredient that will make their product stand out. Krill is a relative newcomer to the market and serves as a unique functional ingredient. 

Top 5 blog posts about krill for pets


Here are our top 5 blog posts about QRILL Pet. If you haven't heard about our product yet, you can read more here

5 trends that will influence the pet food industry this year

It is no secret, the pet industry is booming and will continue to rise. At the same time the industry is changing rapidly and pet food brands need to keep up to fulfil more conscious consumer demands. They have every reason to be more mindful, as pets today are considered more and more as family members and pet owners want to purchase only the best for their beloved animal companions. We see how trends from the human industry are rapidly transferring over to the pet industry and we expect that this trend will be prominent in the years to come.

Proactive ingredients and pet food - The new wave in pet nutrition

The pet nutrition market is on the move and there is no question that pet owners are continually seeking out healthy foods with proactive ingredients for their pets. Many pet owners are starting to embrace the “what’s good for me is also good for my pet” mentality and that is good for companies in the pet nutrition space.

The qrill pet product

For pets

A functional ingredient for pet food. Offers great benefits for pets, including healthy organs, joints and fur. Provides a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, marine proteins and the powerful antidoxidant astaxanthin.