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QRILL Pet is a superior source of omega-3s in pet food formulation. However there is more to it. Our blog is here to educate you on all benefits of krill for pets and keeps you posted on the latest research.

Nina Skullerud - Marketing Associate

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Webinar "The X-Factor of Winning Iditarod"


We are proud to introduce professional dog musher Thomas Wærner and Tonje Dominquez (Director QRILL Specialty Animal Nutrition Products, Aker BioMarine). Together they will share their experience and knowledge around QRILL Pet and the efficacy of this powerful ingredient.

Talk like a real dog musher

Trying to understand what is going on during a race can sometimes be confusing, especially when being new to the dog mushing world. We have put together a small list of useful terminology, in order for it to be easier to recognize and follow what is actually going on, the next time you are watching a sled-dog race. 

A great start to new adventures- QRILL Pet Mushing Team


Launched at the end of 2018, QRILL Pet Mushing Team set out on a mission to become the best long-distance dog sled team. This including the establishment of a better understanding of the sport, together with creating a unique foundation that will set new standards in the dog mushing universe. Lets look at what the team has achieved during the first racing season.

How dog mushing has evolved and the need-to-knows


Mushing is a sport and transportation method powered by dogs. It involves the use of one or more dogs to pull a sled on snow, or a cart on bare ground. Its history stretches far back, however, there have been drastic changes in execution, mentality and purpose since the early beginnings of mushing.

The qrill pet product

For pets

A functional ingredient for pet food. Offers great benefits for pets, including healthy organs, joints and fur. Provides a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, marine proteins and the powerful antidoxidant astaxanthin.