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Pet Food Brands With QRILL Pet

Let your pet enjoy the unique nutritional benefits of QRILL Pet.


All pets need a healthy and nutritious diet

These are the pet food brands with QRILL Pet inclusion you can find around the world:







belcando-logoBrit LogoCooper and Friends LogoNorsk dyrefôr

fish-for-dogs-logoGrandorfhalla-logoHug pet food logo


Plutos-Pet-Food-Logopetcurean-logoPetFroh-LogoPetXL_LogoProvitLogo_QPrenska-logoRovio-pet-foods-logoSavory-Pet-LogoSquare Pet with KrillSPECIFIC-LOGO2






Den-sunne-snute-logofront-of-the-pack-logoGrizzly-Pet with Krillherbsmith-logoHolista-Pet-logopahema-logoPokusa for heatlth Logovet-iq-logoZesty Paws with Krill


And the list keeps on growing... 

QRILL Pet is a relatively new ingredient in the pet food industry. We believe the list of pet food brands with QRILL Pet will grow and more brands will be available in your country soon.

We recommend a minimum of 3% inclusion in your pet's dry food. 

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