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Webinar Series Volume 2



QRILL Pet - Your Partner In Krill

We consider ourselves to be krill experts and we are always ready to share our knowledge through different marketing platforms, channels and tools. 


QRILL Pet - The Sustainable Choice

Many people are considering how they can shift to more sustainable consumption. But what about our pets and the food we give them? Watch our webinar to find out why QRILL Pet is the sustainable choice.


Tips & Tricks - Adding QRILL Pet To Different Formats

Find out how QRILL Pet can be added to the formula of your pet food, treats, and supplements.


The Science Behind QRILL Pet - From Top Trained Huskies To Family Dogs

Watch the last webinar of the series and learn all about our scientific studies on top-trained Alaskan huskies, and how these findings apply to normal family dogs.

Webinar recording

The X-Factor Of Winning Iditarod

Watch professional dog musher Thomas Wærner and Tonje Dominquez, Director QRILL Specialty Animal Nutrition Products, Aker BioMarine share their experience and knowledge around QRILL Pet and the efficacy of this powerful ingredient.

The X-Factor Of Winning Iditarod Webinar The X-Factor Of Winning Iditarod Webinar