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New Partner Portal - KRILL CONNECT

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We are excited to share our new partner portal - KRILL CONNECT. With this platform we want to take our partnership to another level, sharing all of our krill-knowledge. KRILL CONNECT is a great new tool for existing and future customers!


More Than Just An Ingredient Supplier 

We, here at QRILL Pet, want to be more than just a supplier of a krill-derived product, we want to be your partner. One of our main goals is that you, our customers, succeed and grow as a result of our support. We therefore want to lend you our expertise, share our material and initiate collaboration projects. KRILL CONNECT is a result of that.

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Optimal Sales & Marketing Support

Aker BioMarine’s and the QRILL Pet sales & marketing strategy is grounded in a customer-centric strategy.


Our aim is to become part of our customers' success, delivering market insight and educating pet food brands and their customers on the beauty of QRILL Pet and its many benefits.  


We want to share our product expertise and market insights with customers, help inform and educate. Knowledge transfer, ranges from krill product development, features and benefits through consumer preferences, and branding techniques. This information is available in a number of formats located in KRILL CONNECT. Including print and digital content, film, images, messaging and in-person services for our customers, the employees and to an extent, consumers.

Costumer Marketing Tool Box


We want to help you educate and inform the public about the benefits of krill, which in turn strengthens product demand and brand loyalty. As the experts on krill, we are eager and ready to demonstrate the many benefits of our ingredient.


Customer Success

We believe that our success is not only dependent on our company effort, but also on how well our customers do. However, it’s not just about dollar signs and pay checks. Together, we can advance krill science, optimize pet food formulations, and educate pet parents about the importance of choosing the best omega-3 source for pets. So do not hesitate to reach out and get access to KRILL CONNECT. We are in this together! 


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