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Functional marine ingredient from Antarctic krill


Nutritional benefits from a tiny crustacean

Specialized in high-quality products derived
from Antarctic krill, we have developed an 
ingredient that will enhance your pet food brand.

Our product delivers great nutritional benefits
to pets and originates from one of the
world’s most sustainable fisheries.



  • Superior omega-3s
  • Tasty proteins
  • Powerful astaxanthin 


QRILL Pet is a 100% natural product, made only from whole Antarctic krill. When developing this unique product, we kept our focus on the needs of pets and pet food formulators. Knowing that many pet food formulators look for new and innovative solutions, we offer a product that delivers many beneficial nutrients yet is easy to include in pet food recipes.


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One ingredient that provides a lot more than essential omega-3s

An important ingredient for pet food, omega-3s have demonstrated great health benefits for pets. The unique nutritional advantage of Antarctic krill is the superior bioavailability of its omega-3s. The omega-3s in QRILL Pet are mostly bound to phospholipids, which differentiates them from some traditional omega-3 sources.


Known as the foundation of all cells, phospholipids are more effectively incorporated into tissues and cells. Recognized for its health-promoting suppression of free radicals, the astaxanthin in QRILL Pet keeps the product fresh and protects its omega-3 fatty acids from oxidation. Rich in marine fats and proteins, QRILL Pet is highly palatable to our furry family members.


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Pet food consists of many ingredients, but sometimes just one can make a real difference




Premium Ingredient

Purpose-made for pets in a

food-grade production facility. 


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There is a difference!

Omega-3s come in different forms. 

The majority of our omega-3s are in the 

phospholipid form.


Icons-AkerBiomarine_marine protein.pngPalatable proteins

Can pet meals be healthy and tasty? 

Yes, QRILL pet makes it possible.







Natural Powerful Astaxanthin

Naturally protected by astaxanthin.

No preservatives required. 

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Responsible fishing

No secrets! We share with you

how and where we harvest our krill. 

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