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5 Ways Cats Can Benefit From Krill

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We all want our cats to have healthy and happy life. And this tiny crustacean called krill can be the answer for your furry family member.

Why? Because krill is rich in health-promoting omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, choline, astaxanthin, and marine proteins. All these essential nutrients are important for the healthy development and maintenance of a cat’s body.

More than that, omega-3s found in krill play a very important role, as both cats and dogs can’t produce them naturally and rely on their diet to maintain healthy levels. Here are some ways cats can benefit from having a diet that includes krill.

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1. Skin Care and Coat Health

Fat is very important for healthy skin and coats in cats. Lack of fatty acids can initially result in a dull, dry coat and itchy skin, as they are crucial for the skin and coat barrier. A regular diet based on essential fatty acids like those found in krill is therefore essential to keep the skin barrier fit and the coat shiny. They may help prevent dandruff and reduce shedding which can lead to fewer hairballs. Being anti-inflammatory, they may also prevent skin problems related to e.g. atopy or allergies.


2. Heart Support

Omega-3s are important for a healthy heart and can help reduce inflammation in cats that have existing heart disease. They may also lower blood pressure and prevent dangerous blood clots that could be damaging to the heart.


3. Healthy Joints

Omega-3s from krill have anti-inflammatory properties and may contribute to reducing joint pain caused by aging or osteoarthritis. Several studies show that senior cats suffering from osteoarthritis-related joint pain had improved motion and had more energy after receiving a consistent diet based on omega-3s.

Watch this short video that highlights all the benefits of our functional marine ingredient: 

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4. Improved and Stronger Immune System

Omega-3s and astaxanthin in krill strengthen your cat's immune system by making immune cells more flexible and resistant. A healthy, balanced diet that includes omega-3s and omega-6s can support and enhance the immune system of cats of all ages. Even perfectly healthy cats can benefit from the immune-boosting properties as their risk for serious illnesses increases with age.


5. Cognitive Function

Omega-3s and choline found in krill are essential for the cognitive and behavioral function of cats in every stage of life. They support brain development, the learning process, and the nerve transmitters and affect the overall mental well-being of cats. It may also diminish the amount of neuronal loss happening when aging. Giving cats pet food or supplements with krill can therefore help their mind and vision to stay strong and focused.

Omega-3 fatty acids can indeed do wonders for your cat’s health and well-being, but for that to happen your furry friend needs to get enough of these essential nutrients from your diet alone.


Krill is also a sustainable marine source

Besides being a natural source of health-promoting nutrients for pets, krill is highly sustainable and therefore environmentally friendly, reducing your cat’s carbon paw-print.

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Krill Health Benefits for Pets

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