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Harnessing The Power Of Omega-3 Oils For My Dogs

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This is a story of endurance, strength, and the power of a secret ingredient.


For 15 years, I've been racing sled dogs, and I've learned a thing or two about what it takes to keep my team healthy and performing at their best.


Recently, I found that omega-3 oils could help my dogs with injury prevention by strengthening their joints and reducing inflammation. This is especially important for dogs who are exposed to strenuous activities, like mine, and who love to run and play.


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The role of omega-3 oils in injury prevention 


After giving my dogs omega-3 oil, I noticed a reduction in the number of injuries and an increase in their mobility. The dog’s joints were less stiff and they appeared to have less pain after physical activity. 


Slowing down the aging process


I learned that omega-3 oils can also help slow down the aging process. Omega-3 fatty acids can help protect against age-related diseases such as arthritis and cardiovascular disease.


I have a 10-year-old sled dog who started to show signs of slowing down. After adding krill oil to her diet, she experienced a new lease on life. Her mobility improved, and she is continuing to race and perform at a high level.


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The power of krill, according to new science


A  study investigated the effects of QRILL Pet on the Omega-3 Index, inflammation, and muscle damage in 32 dogs during a 5-week study. Half of the dogs were given a diet with 8% QRILL Pet inclusion, while the other half were given a control diet. Blood samples were taken at the beginning and end of a 1000-mile race.


The results showed that the dogs in the QRILL Pet group had a significantly higher Omega-3 Index at the start and end of the race compared to the control group. Additionally, dogs in the QRILL Pet group had 55% less inflammation and lower markers for tissue damage compared to the control group.


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Krill Oil for Dogs



QRILL Pet has two different krill oils - what is the difference between them?


PL OMEGA Plus is an extra powerful phospholipid oil. Phospholipid-bound omega-3 is documented to be more effective in raising the omega-3 Index compared to triglyceride-based fish oil and plant-based flaxseed oil. 

ASTA OMEGA Plus oil has a high concentration of the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin, and as an added benefit, it contains triglyceride-based omega-3s EPA and DHA.


The importance of omega-3 oils for maintaining a dog's health and vitality


Overall, adding omega-3 oils has been a great benefit for my dogs. Not only have they helped with injury prevention and aging protection, but they have also given my dogs shinier coats and healthier skin.


I would recommend these oils to other dog owners who want to give their furry friends longer, healthier, and more active lives.


Please note that the daily recommended dosage depends on your pet's size.


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