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Tips And Tricks On How To Market Your Pet Food With Krill

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Galina Johansson, our QRILL Pet Senior Marketing Manager at Aker Biomarine, is currently responsible for implementing the QRILL Pet partnership approach, helping pet food manufacturers stand out in a very competitive market. 



The pet nutrition industry is growing, being heavily influenced by the trends in human nutrition. Many pet owners have taken the position “what is good for you is good for your pet.” That being said, safer, premium pet food products and ingredients are becoming the norm for consumers globally. This is creating an even greater need for more innovation in the pet nutrition industry.

With all of that in mind, it’s more important than ever for pet food brands to stand out and one of the best ways to do that is through MARKETING!

You can always appeal first to feelings in your marketing strategy, even if your product has many practical, unique qualities. You can significantly strengthen the product story by following a classic customer journey path. So, let’s look through that funnel.

After identifying their problem, customers become aware of the solution (your product). A bit later, they develop an interest and desire to buy. Finally, they act, and in the end, they become your loyal customers. There are many ways to go through this journey, but it will be much easier when you have superior, premium ingredients in your formula

So, if you choose krill-derived products, these are my marketing tips.


Demonstrate preventive measures

Krill significantly supports pets’ longevity. Every pet owner wants their furry babies to be with them longer. A quote that I love about pets says this: “I won’t be your friend all your life, as I don’t live that long, but I will be your friend all my life.”

We, as their owners and family, can certainly help our pets live longer with care, the right nutrition, and more. So, let your audience know this. You meet this goal if you say that an immunity boost with krill ingredients will secure longer and healthier aging for a pet. Or that different kinds of Inflammation caused by illnesses and dysfunctions can be significantly slowed down by proper intake of the right omega-3s and enough antioxidants. 

Nutrition for healthy dogs

Highlight outstanding health benefits of the Phospholipid Omega-3s

It might be difficult for pet owners to understand the difference between omega-3 types, especially the phospholipid advantages. That's why it’s important to communicate it into visible benefits, for example, healthy skin and shiny coat, cognitive improvements, joint function, and heart and liver protection.

When I started to work with QRILL Pet, I received the perfect explanation from our leading nutritionist. Phospholipid omega-3s are the ideal building material for any tissue in the body. They get there, combat all types of inflammation, and help build up everything destroyed.


Phospholipid omega-3s are the ideal building material for any tissue in the body. They get there, combat all types of inflammation, and help build up everything destroyed.


By inflammation, we don’t mean only apparent diseases but multiple hidden problems caused by the lifestyle of regular pets. For example, pets that are overweight and lack activity have many hidden health issues and need extra nutritional care, which phospholipid omega-3s can provide.

It’s essential to think about that when you tell the story of your product. For example, baked biscuits with 15% krill meal inclusion or stick sachets can greatly become your animal’s invisible helper.

Read more on the right omega-3 choice 


Differentiate with a proven high-quality message

Humanization trends changed rules. With the growing stress levels in the world, more and more people prefer to have pets and treat them as their best friends or family. Most importantly, pet owners are learning how to take good care of their pets and that is where “What is good for you, is good for your pet” comes into play.

Use this trend by showing the high quality of the ingredients used and the meaningful production journey behind them. Pet owners are increasingly concerned about preventive health and wellness and are seeking out healthy foods with proactive ingredients for their beloved furry family members.

Functional pet food ingredients that offer proven health benefits are becoming a focal point for many pet food brands. And we foresee growth in pet food choices highlighting the inclusion of nutraceutical ingredients such as probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and more.

Including ingredients that are of high quality or even those of human-grade level, will be a competitive advantage in this category. Also, ensure you are focusing on high-quality messaging throughout your marketing campaign.

pet food ingredients and krill oil

Let’s talk about taste and essential proteins

First, a krill meal contains all the essential proteins for cats and dogs. Many pet owners aren't aware their pets actually need and like different amino acids. More than that, krill ingredients will most likely support the palatability of your pet food product.

For example, dogs prefer high-fat products, and krill meal is rich in fat. They also like the amino acid, glutamic acid, and the krill meal is rich in this too. We made a test on 18 dogs, and 17 of them preferred the product with the QRILL Pet meal.

Besides all their health benefits, krill ingredients for pets will have a great fishy taste and smell. My cat Simba can also confirm that because, as you may know, krill contains proline, cysteine, lysinehistidine, and alanine, which positively affect palatability in cats.

Treat, supplement, or feed – krill ingredients are perfect taste enhancers for your product.


Show that your product is backed by science

Some consumers are very pragmatic, and we must always think about them. Aker BioMarine has multiple science papers showing significant krill potential in numerous studies for dogs, cats, and even horses.

The importance of nutrient Choline is shown to have excellent benefits for supporting the brain, muscle, and liver health. Or that the antioxidant Astaxanthin is 100 times more powerful than vitamin E, for example.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into pet nutrition marketing. When it comes to your krill product, it’s important to remember what exactly you are selling and what needs you want to meet with your krill range.

By choosing the right marketing channels to market your krill product, in-depth analyzing your customer journey, and communicating the benefits (with the help of different comms and marketing instruments), you are on your way to better differentiating your product in the marketplace.


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