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The Latest Pet Industry Trends In Nutrition

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As in previous years, new market trends are happening in the pet nutrition industry mostly because pets are being humanized.

Today pets are considered more and more as family members and pet owners are searching for the best ingredients and products for their beloved animal companions.

To that end, here are 4 most of the important new trends in pet nutrition from the human industry that are rapidly shifting over to the pet industry:


1. What is good for me is good for my pet

One trend we are seeing a lot in the last years is pet parents seeking healthy foods with proactive ingredients for their pets. “What’s good for me is also good for my pet” is what drives many pet owners, and with this in mind, pet parents are increasingly concerned about preventive health care.

That’s why we think functional pet food ingredients that offer proven health benefits will most likely be a focal point of major pet food brands in the years to come. We foresee a rise in the number and variety of pet food choices highlighting the inclusion of nutraceutical ingredients such as probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and more.

Including ingredients that are of high quality or even those of human-grade level will be a competitive advantage in this category.

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2. Feeding a growing human (and pet) population with sources from the ocean

The human population is growing, and we are also seeing an increase in pet ownership. This growth will have an implication on the demand for proteins and meats for pets globally and will require us to search for new protein sources as well as new ingredient trends.

While most protein sources today are still meat-based, pet food manufacturers are already looking into new and exciting protein sources and ingredients. And as 70% of our earth is covered by water, it is only natural that we turn to the sea for new protein resources.

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3. Clean labels and full transparency are must-haves

This trend is no longer a choice for pet food product brands, it is rather an expectation from their customers. Consumer needs are impacting the way companies produce and operate more now than ever before. They want healthy food choices and at the same time, they want peace of mind in terms of environmental and ethical claims.

In support of the mindful choice movement, the clean label trend will require pet food brands to offer full transparency on their ingredient lists. Since consumers are keen on knowing where their products come from, 100% traceability will be the preferred choice of producers to meet consumer demands.


4. Sustainable ingredients for humans and pets alike

People take omega-3 supplements as part of their healthy lifestyle, but at the same time, it’s important for them to know that these supplements come from sustainable sources. The health of the planet is as important as, and naturally linked to, the health of an individual; the same thing can be said for our pets.

Sourcing ingredients from a supplier that values sustainability has become very important for many pet brand owners. More than ever, consumers and businesses alike care about the health of our oceans.

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QRILL Pet, a sustainable krill ingredient for optimal pet health

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