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Let's Meet At Zoomark 2023

Bologna, Italy

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One of the most significant pet industry events is happening this May in Bologna, Italy - Zoomark 2023. This is the 20th edition of this international trade show for pet food and pet care. 


Our QRILL Pet team is excited to be present at this event, so if you want to learn all about our unique and premium marine ingredients and their health benefits for pets, make sure you attend our booth on 15-17 May at BolognaFiere.

Meet us in Hall 29, Stand #D16-D18

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Learn all about our latest studies and our full product range

Our team includes top krill experts in the pet food industry, always ready to share the latest results of our latest studies. These document the health benefits and efficiency of the krill meal and oils in raising the levels of omega-3 and choline in companion animals.

QRILL Pet Science - a 2-minute read

QRILL-Pet-Products 2022

Come and learn about our full QRILL Pet products range: 

  • QRILL Pet PL NUTRI Plus - our first and most popular premium marine ingredient made only from whole dried Antarctic krill is rich in the long-chain omega-3s EPA and DHA, astaxanthin, choline, and marine proteins.

  • QRILL Pet ASTA OMEGA Plus - a unique krill oil that offers a natural combination of marine triglyceride omega-3s and high levels of astaxanthin.

  • QRILL Pet PL OMEGA Plus - a krill oil rich in marine phospholipid omega-3 (EPA and DHA), choline, and the antioxidant astaxanthin.

Talk to our experts to find out which product might be the best fit for your pet food brand and how we can support you as an aspiring ingredient partner to raise awareness about the importance of omega-3s for pets. 

If you want to book a meeting in advance with our team, contact us today.


Come to our booth to celebrate

Co-exhibiting with us will also be two other great ingredient suppliers from Norway, AM Nutrition and Norilia. All three brands strive for a more sustainable future by offering premium and sustainable ingredients. 

We want to invite you to come and pre-celebrate with us the Constitution Day of Norway on Tuesday, 16 May, at 16:00. Join us at our booth for a glass of sparkling wine, strawberries, snacks, and innovation talks. Be sure to save the date!



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