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Meet The QRILL Pet Team At Petfood Forum 2022

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It is time for another Petfood Forum event in Kansas. This year is special as it marks their 30 years anniversary and we are excited to be part of it. 

As always, Petfood Forum will take place at the Kansas City Convention Center between 2-4 May 2022. Our QRILL Pet team will be there, ready to answer all your questions at our booth #1118


QRILL Pet Booth _Petfood Forum

Find out why krill has become a popular ingredient not only for premium pet food and treats but also for the supplements world

Antarctic krill offers multiple benefits, becoming a trending ingredient found not only in pet food and treats but also in supplements brands.

If until recently, you could find our product QRILL Pet (a premium marine ingredient made only from whole dried krill) added in pet food brands and treats as an omega-3 ingredient, now there are two new unique krill oil products that pets worldwide can benefit from:


  • Antarctic Phospholipid Oil - a krill oil rich in marine phospholipid omega-3 (EPA and DHA), choline and the antioxidant astaxanthin.

  • AstaOmega Oil - a unique krill oil that offers a natural combination of marine triglyceride omega-3s and high levels of astaxanthin.


Both QRILL Pet Antarctic Phospholipid Oil and AstaOmega Oil can offer multiple health benefits and can be used either as stand-alone products or as ingredients for innovation purposes.

Does my dog really need omega-3 supplements?


So, be sure to stop by our booth and talk to our QRILL Pet team about the benefits of our unique marine products, be it QRILL Pet Meal, Antarctic Phospholipid Oil or AstaOmega Oil.


Meet our QRILL Pet experts

This year, you can meet our team members Knut Heggen and Andrew Fuente, two of our top krill experts in the pet food industry. With years of experience in the pet world, they have an in-depth understanding of the nutritional needs of pets and pet food formulations with a special focus on marine omega-3s. 

Gunhild Yksnøy, our Customer Business Development Director, will also be there to share all about our unique partnership approach to science and marketing.

There is a lot to talk and learn about, such as our latest studies and how our ingredient can help your product to stand out in the pet food market. 

QRILL Pet Science - a 2-minute read


Sustainability continues to be our top priority

Aker BioMarine’s krill fishery is rated as the world’s most sustainable reduction fishery, receiving an 'A' rating from the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership for 7 years in a row. In addition, Aker BioMarine has also created and patented an Eco Harvesting technology that ensures close-to-zero bycatch.

Krill is considered one of the most sustainable sources of marine omega-3s. All of Aker BioMarine’s QRILL Pet ingredients are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for being not only sustainable but also having a completely traceable value chain.


Recently, QRILL Pet has also been accredited by the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) for its outstanding sustainability efforts. This means that QRILL Pet has received this accreditation based on the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainable krill harvesting practices and its dedication to the pet industry.


As you can see, we have some exciting news to share, so make sure to come by booth #1118 to discuss with our experts how your pet food brand can benefit from our functional marine ingredients. 

Want to book a meeting with our team? Then click now on the image below.


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