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Proactive Ingredients And Pet Food - The New Wave In Pet Nutrition

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The pet nutrition market is on the move and there is no question that pet owners are continually seeking out healthy foods with proactive ingredients for their pets.

Many pet owners are starting to embrace the “what’s good for me is also good for my pet” mentality and that is good for companies in the pet nutrition space.


Like humans, dogs can have a wide host of health issues from skin diseases and anxiety to arthritis and more. In order to help prevent these and other issues, a proactive and preventative approach to pet health care is necessary for long-term health and wellness. A good diet and healthcare routine are essential and functional pet food ingredients that offer proven health benefits are a great place to start.

Consumers are willing to spend more money on pet food 


So what are functional ingredients?

Functional ingredients are natural ingredients that have health-promoting or energy-boosting benefits. Luckily for pets and pet owners alike, there has been a rise in the number and variety of pet food options including nutraceutical ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, vitamins and more.

Omega-3s are key when it comes to pet health. One of the more efficient omega-3 sources for pets in the market is krill meal. In terms of a proactive ingredient, krill has a powerful combination of nutrients - phospholipid omega-3s, astaxanthin, choline and marine proteins, plus it’s natural and sustainable.

Why we need to care more about the omega-3 intake of pets


And why is krill considered a proactive ingredient in pet food?

When your pet’s diet is rich in omega-6s, health issues can occur. Omega-3s help balance omega-6s in the diet. Omega-3s have also demonstrated great health benefits for pets, including healthy organs, joints, skin and coat. In general, by feeding your pet a diet rich in omega-3s, you can help make their lives healthy, enjoyable and active.


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