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Your Guide to Pet Food Packaging: QRILL Pet Logo Endorsement Explained

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Curious about the meaning behind QRILL Pet logo endorsements and how you can seamlessly integrate them into your pet food and treat recipes?

Well, read on if you want to understand the importance of inclusion levels and the benefits of QRILL Pet products.



What are QRILL Pet logo endorsements?

QRILL Pet logo endorsements are a visual representation of the inclusion level of our krill ingredients in pet food and treat formulas. These logos help your consumers understand the quality and nutritional value of the pet products they are purchasing.

As you can see above, there are different package logos we offer, each representing a specific inclusion level of krill ingredients. These logos are designed to provide transparency and trust to pet owners, allowing them to make informed decisions about the food they feed their pets.

By understanding the meaning behind each QRILL Pet logo endorsement, pet owners can ensure that they are providing their pets with the necessary nutrients for optimal health and well-being.

Now, below, we added a detailed overview of all our package logos, the importance of each of them, and how they can be applied in different scenarios. These applications are determined by the inclusion level or the specific region where the products are available for purchase.

Customers Logos Use Rules for Feed & Treats

The importance of inclusion levels

Inclusion levels refer to the amount of krill ingredients that are added to pet food and treat formulas. These levels play a crucial role in determining the nutritional value and benefits that the product offers to pets.

By incorporating QRILL Pet at different inclusion levels, pet food manufacturers can customize their products to meet specific dietary needs and preferences. For example, higher inclusion levels may offer greater benefits, such as improved joint health, cognitive function, and a shiny coat.

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QRILL Pet Inclusion Logos

The meaning behind QRILL Pet logo endorsements

Each QRILL Pet logo endorsement signifies a distinct level of krill inclusion in the product, enabling pet owners to make informed decisions about their pets' specific nutritional needs.

For example, the "Powered By QRILL Pet" logo indicates that the product contains more than 3% krill ingredients.

On the other hand, the "Added QRILL Pet" logo can be found on feed and treats in the USA and Europe with krill inclusion levels of up to 3%.

These logos serve as a guide for pet owners, helping them choose products that help with their pets' unique dietary requirements.


Integrating the QRILL Pet logos

By adding QRILL Pet ingredients into pet food and treat formulas, pet food manufacturers have the opportunity to enhance their packaging with QRILL Pet logos. In turn, these logos act as endorsements of the product's nutritional value and quality.

Not only do these logos provide transparency to consumers, but they also empower them to make well-informed decisions about the pet food and treats they purchase.

This way, pet food manufacturers can showcase the nutritional benefits of their products and build trust with pet owners who are looking for high-quality and nutritious options for their pets.



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