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QRILL Pet Enters Partnership With Chinese Pet Food Brand Fullpet Co.

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QRILL Pet has entered into global strategic cooperation with Fullpet Co. and continues its growth efforts in the Chinese pet market. 

Being one of the largest pet food manufacturers in China, Fullpet is poised for market success and together with QRILL Pet, will continue to explore areas of scientific research, technology, and consumer insight.

The partnership will focus on the customization of raw materials, sharing best-in-class practices from both parties to jointly promote the development of pet health food.


QRILL Pet continues its strategic growth in China

The agreement was signed during the 5th annual China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai earlier this month. This is the second time QRILL Pet and Fullpet Co. signed an agreement, the first time the brands entered into a partnership was during the 4th CIIE event in 2021. 

At the moment, Fullpet utilizes QRILL in its tailor-made pet staple foods, which not only effectively improved the nutritional value and functional performance of pet food but also won the recognition and support of consumers in China.

China is the world's largest market for marine ingredients and it is an important strategic growth area for QRILL Pet (and Aker BioMarine). One of the key factors for the brand's development in the Chinese market is having a local team that consists of well-experienced professionals within the pet food industry in the region.

“China is an extremely fast developing pet food market and we are already making strides with Fullpet Co.,” says Matts Johansen, CEO, Aker BioMarine.


"We are much more than an ingredient supplier. We are a collaborative partner who brings valuable insights, introduces new market opportunities, and guides our customers for growth and product expansion across all aspects of the supply chain, even down to marketing."


"By strengthening this strategic partnership and heavily focusing on research, sustainability, technology and consumer insights, we can ensure success in the Chinese market and together we will continue to upgrade pet health food in China."

"In the past year, we formed an incredible partnership with Aker BioMarine, recognizing not only the quality of their ingredients but the quality attitude of their team members,” says Ms. Zheng Zhen, the deputy general manager of Fullpet Co. “This level of excellence coincides with the outlook and expectations of Fullpet. Aker BioMarine has complete control of its supply chain and full competency when it comes to product development and promotion. We look forward to continuing our work with Aker BioMarine to improve the health of pets in the field of exploration.” 

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About Fullpet Co.

Founded in 2005, Fullpet Co. is one of the largest pet food manufacturers in China, with the main focus on the research and development, production and sales of pet food. Known as the "Foxconn of the pet food industry", Fullpet Co. is a national high-tech enterprise in Shanghai.

At the same time, Fullpet Co. was recognized as the Enterprise Technology Center of Songjiang District in Shanghai and the pilot enterprise of patent work in Songjiang District and was approved by the Shanghai Academician Expert Workstation Guidance Office to establish the first expert workstation in the field of pet food research in Shanghai.

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