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The Best Nutrition For Champions

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With the 50th anniversary of the "Last Great Race" and Finnmarksløpet being back on, the mushing season of 2022 was finally back to a pre-covid situation. This also meant that the QRILL Pet Mushing Team and our four mushers were back on the trails, doing what they do best together with their amazing dogs.


The x-factor in top-trained huskies

Looking back at this year’s achievements we want to say a big "well done" to all mushers and dogs involved, and especially highlight two of our teams.

First, we are very happy to have followed Hanna Lyrek reach her childhood dream, as she crossed the pond and took on the great challenge of racing The Iditarod. Not only did she race with her dog team, but they also managed to win the Rookie of The Year - an award given to the best newcomer of the race. After following her for three years, going on the fourth, we are proud to have her race and working together with us on optimizing the nutrition of her four-legged athletes.

Moving back to Norway, Thomas Wærner with team Berserk, once again did something not many others have managed before. Just like in 2019 the team started off by racing and taking the victory at Femundløpet 2022 and continued with a grand slam, by also becoming the champion of Finnmarksløpet 2022.

«Proper nutrition is really the foundation, and even though I’ve come up with a good recipe, I am very aware that a race can be ruined if my dog team doesn’t get the nutrients, fats, and proteins they need. That was luckily not the case this year “ - Thomas Wærner 2022





QRILL Pet - the best choice for pet nutrition

The two teams are powered by our functional marine ingredient, QRILL Pet, which has shown beneficial effects on these top-trained huskies.

In an earlier study performed during the Iditarod, the inclusion of QRILL Pet showed a significant impact on the omega-3 levels in race dogs, both at the beginning and at the end of the race.

The study also found that there was less muscle damage and 55% less inflammation in dogs on a krill diet. Similar results have been found in other studies, which have shown that the inclusion of krill in dogs' diets can help to effectively increase and maintain a strong level of omega-3s in their cell membranes.

How important is the right form of omega-3s?

Dogs are not naturally able to develop essential omega-3 fatty acids by themselves and need to get these through their diets. Several studies have shown that omega-3s also have positive effects on vital organs such as the heart, liver, kidney, brain, eyes, joints, muscles, skin and coat.

A platform for science 

Those who have followed us for some years know that we have had an active interest in dog mushing since 2015. The mushing sport gives our brand, QRILL Pet, the platform we need to explore the benefits of our ingredient on the top dog athletes in the world.

We had a great pilot sponsorship with Thomas Wærner, Sigrid Ekran and Joar Leifseth Ulsom. With the current QRILL Pet Mushing Team, we have a platform for further research and we are able to develop our products according to the needs of these special dogs.

What works on these highly athletic huskies, will definitely be beneficial for all dogs in the world. 

These are all the pet food brands powered by QRILL Pet

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Blog overview